About Me

Physically, I stand at 5'3" considering a ably-proportioned toned figure. I am naturually beautiful as soon as soft fair skin, long dark hair, dusky brown eyes and sensuous kissable lips, my striking heavens is in agreement to profit your pulse (and accrual naughty things!) racing.

I pro a enormously lighthearted and healthy lifestyle, taking pleasant care of both my body and mind. My interests are diverse and some of the things I enjoy colleague happening keeping fit, gyming, sporting measures, literature, film, comedy, music, nature, food, exploring new cultures and discovering all the charming and astonishing things Delhi has to have the funds for.

I offer saintly-natured narcissism in my freshen and will always be impeccably groomed and fabulously skillfully dressed for our date together, from what you initially tune to the provocative tiny things that lie underneath. You will as well as discover that I am a loud conversationalist and an excellent listener, plus than an talented and inquiring mind; making me the get sticking to of dinner date companion as adeptly as the most scrumptious after dinner dessert!